It’s All About Audience

Educated. Affluent. Qualified Buyers.

Combined with our online readers, print newspapers now reach more people than ever in our 150+ year history. And while a lot has changed over the years there is still one overarching factor about newspaper audiences that stands the test of time: Our audience is made up of highly educated readers with disposable income. Print readers skew older and more established. They tend to own their own homes and are more likely to purchase big ticket items. They’re business owners and managers. Decision makers and influencers. The core of our local economies. And they read us. Every day.

Trust and Tradition. 

In a fractured media landscape, cutting through the noise is more important than ever and newspapers remain one of the most trusted sources of information. Marketing studies show that trust is transferable from a medium to its advertisers. Like a referral from a friend, an advertisement in a newspaper carries a kind of weight that other media simply can’t offer. In short: associate yourself with the authority and you become the authority. 

Advertising Options:

Newspaper Ads: From Monterey to Eureka our local newspapers provide the most qualified audiences. Run your brand alongside local and national news, sports, entertainment and of course the beloved comics and crosswords.

Inserts: Be a part of our readers’ shopping routine with this powerful and proven branding vehicle. Your insert will go from in-paper in their homes to in-hand in the store every single week.

Wraps and Spadeas: Your message can own the paper and everything in it by dominating our readers’ attention with either a full 4-page wrap or an eye-grabbing spadea.

Special Publications: No matter the season or day, we offer special publications to celebrate that special time of year. Your ad will pop like fireworks on the 4th of July or glow in their hearts like twinkling holiday lights. Be it a full color glossy magazine, stand-alone tabloid newsprint or bannered in-paper, we’ll help you stand out!

Stickers: Sometimes it’s that little something different that gets readers’ attention. Affix your message right to their paper with this ad unit and jump right off the front page!

Total Market Coverage: Expand your reach in the market by running your ad or insert in one of our shopper wraps and your message will be hand delivered to tens of thousands more driveways every week.

Sponsored Content: Imagine if you could have the space to tell your own story. With sponsored content, you can run your own branded “article” right in with the regular news. Sometimes your message could do with a little extra voice and explanation. Sponsored content will help you tell it like it is.