Audience: The Most and the Best

What’s better, quality or quantity?

Why not both? Our readership has never been higher in our 150+ year history. The reason is simple–trust. Studies show that newspaper continues to be the trusted source in a fractured media landscape. And because we’ve always been at the forefront in bringing more people more news on more devices, we surfed that wave of innovation to an audience that’s orders of magnitude larger than any we’ve ever had. But it’s not enough to have a big audience if they’re not the right audience. We’ve got you covered there too. Newspaper readers–in print and online–skew more affluent, educated and have more disposable income. That means your advertising investment will pay for itself sooner and with larger dividends.

Technology. Targeting. Reach. Reputation.

Want to blanket a market for low cost? Done. How about cherry-pick your targets down to the zip code, demographics and even psychographics? Gotcha. Social media and mobile? No sweat. Geo-fencing? Easy. Analytics for proof of performance? Naturally. How about on the fly reader-responsive-ad-placement-optimization? In. Our. Sleep. Give us the message, we will get it in front of the right people. And we’ll do it as the authority in local news and information. That means not only will we get your message anywhere it needs to go, but it’ll be treated like a referral from a friend.

Advertising Options:

Basic Ads: Associate your brand with the most trusted source for local news and information. Your ad right in the mix for news, entertainment, sports, crosswords and everything in between.

Premium Ads: Own a page. Takeover the site. Takeover the screen. Make. An. Impact!

Sponsored Content: With a single click, a custom article gives you the space and control to tell your story like it really is.

Email NewsLetters: Don’t wait for readers to come to the daily news. Bring the daily news to them by sponsoring an email newsletter. Get invited right into their in-box.

Social Media: More and more readers come to the news through social media. Get your message in the newsfeed or in the ad sections. Targeted by demo and boosted to suit. 

Mobile: About half of all traffic comes from mobile devices. Are half of your ads there too? 

App: For the true news connoisseur. These are the early adopters, the influencers. What they do the rest of us follow. They find us on the app several times a day. They can find you there too.

Targeting: On site, off site, by geo, demo, behavioral and just about any other metric you can imagine. Single factor for entry-level budgets to our award-winning QuantumTM technology. Simply this: your message in front of just about anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Programmatic: We partner with literally hundreds of thousands of premium quality websites from ESPN and CNN to and TMZ, so whether your targeted audience is reading us or visiting them (or both) we’ve got you covered.

Quick Turn-Around Design: We’ll custom build your ad. All sizes. All devices. Fast. Free.