Serving NorCal Isn’t Just Our Mission

It’s Who We Are.

So much has changed in media over the years and newspaper has always been at the forefront. Before the big search engines and social media sites, before the blogs and aggregators, newspaper created the first online news sites. And we’ve continued to develop cutting-edge ways to get people their news. No matter what form we take–paper, desktop, tablet, smartphone, email–our mission remains the same: serve the communities of Northern California by providing the best local news, entertainment, education and information possible. We’re proud to serve NorCal because we are NorCal. We’ve been here for over 150 years.

On the back of this powerful media wave, we’re proud to support you and your message. Be it through a standard print ad or insert, or a fully optimizable multi-media digital campaign, we’ve got the solution you need to reach the right people wherever they are. And by working with us you also share in our mission. We help each other, and together we serve NorCal.