In addition to placing advertisements in print and online, we offer a variety of services free of charge that will help you make your ad dollars work harder. Here are just a few.


AdMall Pro
AdMall Pro is a business intelligence tool that provides detailed reports by business category. Here’s an example of a “Local Account Intelligence Report” for a shoe store. These reports can be created by geography so that the report is using data from your local area. The most powerful feature is a digital audit. Click here for an example. Please call us and we’ll provide these and other reports from the number one media business intelligence system in the country!


Recas is a program that allows us to find ways for our clients’ to pay for the digital and print advertising. We start by completing a checklist of the most popular brand name items sold at a store. Through this tool we request an update on our client’s accrual funds. Recas also provides all of the specifications and licensed art and contacts to have campaigns pre-approved to insure the reimbursement amount is what was expected. Click here for an example of a co-op program for a brand name show sold by a shoe store. Let us help you find unused dollars that you otherwise forfeit — typically dollars expire at the end of a calendar year.


eTearsheets by Shoom is a portal where our clients can subscribe and either download PDFs of their print advertisements or set up email notification so that when we upload the page that has their advertisement on it they are notified that it is available for download. Quick and easy, and only one login is necessary for a client to access any newspaper that uses the Shoom tool. Call us to get your subscription — it’s free to our advertisers.


thunder is a creative ad-building tool that allows us to quickly build a digital advertisement of any shape. It pulls art from your website and assembles messages both in static and interactive versions. It also will show you what those ads will look like on a web page. We provide these services free of charge. We’ll be glad to build some digital ads for you to run on our local websites.


Metro Creative Graphics is a service we lease that allows us to create print and digital advertisements as well as themed content sections filled with related stories and photos. This tool also provides additional business opportunities such as promotional suggestions that happen each month such as “National Awareness” month, week or day for dozens of products, services and events. We provide this information to our clients at no charge. Let us show you how this can help you make your advertising campaign even more effective.